We’re Washington, D.C. area natives who’ve been married for seven years (and have known each other for fourteen!) After we got married in 2012, we quickly bought a house, adopted a cat, and settled down to focus on our careers–Alison’s in public education, and Mike’s in information technology. While we had a beautiful home and a fulfilling life, we felt like something was missing. After some soul-searching, we realized what it was–travel. We’ve both always loved everything about travel–experiencing different cultures and foods, embarking on outdoor adventures, and meeting new people is what makes our hearts sing. But somewhere along the line, we got caught up in the daily grind and found ourselves exploring new places less and less.

Throughout our relationship we occasionally talked about quitting our jobs to take an extended international trip, but only in the hypothetical, “haha, real adults don’t do that!” sense. But suddenly, in the summer of 2017, once-hypothetical conversations became, “well, maybe…” and “could we really?” After conducting much research (like the responsible thirty-somethings we are!) we decided to go for it. And after fourteen months of planning, budgeting, and mentally preparing ourselves to live out of carry-on size backpacks for a year, here we are!

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